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Summary of Question 4
A YES VOTE on this question will result in acceptance of the Act and the term of office for the mayor of the city of Everett will be changed from two to four years. This change will only apply to the office of mayor. The provisions of Section 5 of the City Charter would change to reflect the 4-year term. This change in the term would apply to the biennial city election in 2003 and to subsequent biennial city elections. The mayor would be elected for a four-year term beginning on the first Monday of January 2004. A NO VOTE will result in the term of office for the mayor remaining at two years.

Question 4: Shall an act passed by the general court in the year 2002 entitled, "An Act establishing a 4 year term for the office of mayor in the city of Everett", be accepted?

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City/Town Ward Pct Blank Votes Total Votes Cast
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Totals 3,695 4,673 2,303 10,671