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Summary of Question 1
If adopted the proposed charter would: Retain the open town meeting; provide for the election by the voters of a five member Board of Selectmen, a Moderator for the three years, a Town Clerk, a Library Board of Trustees, a School Committee, a Housing Authority; eliminate the office of Town Administrator and replace it with a Town Manager who shall be responsible for the management of the town's business and for the appointment of a Board of Health, a Cable Advisory Committee, a Capital Improvement Committee, a Civil Defense Coordinator, a Fence Viewer, a Hazardous Waste Coordinator, a Planning Board, a Personnel Advisory Committee and advisory committees to replace several boards currently elected; the Town Manager would appoint most of the employees of the town government; the Board of Selectmen will appoint the Constables, Veterans' Agent and some other officers they currently appoint; the Moderator would appoint Zoning Board of Appeals; a Department of Public Works covering such functions as highways, cemeteries, animal control, recreation, recycling; tree warden, sewer and water, would be established under the direction of the Town Manager and run by a department director.

Question 1: Shall an act passed by the general court in the year 2004 entitled "An Act providing for a charter for the Town of Dudley" be accepted?

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