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Summary of Question 1
Acceptances of section 298 of Chapter of the Acts of 2004 means the Community Preservation Act shall effectively replace the Cape Cod Open Space Land Acquisition Program. There shall be no additional excise on real property levied, other than the current 3 per cent levied for the provisions of the Cape Cod Open Space Land Acquisition Program. Acceptance of this section shall allow the community to access state matching funds of up to 100 per cent of the excise on real property currently levied, which was previously unavailable to the town.

Question 1: Shall the Town of Barnstable adopt section 298 of Chapter 149 of the Acts of 2004, as approved by the town council, a summary of which appears below?

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City/Town Ward Pct Blank Votes Total Votes Cast
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Totals 17,597 4,931 3,026 25,554