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Summary of Question 4

The law requires that a refundable deposit be paid for certain beverage containers sold in Massachusetts.

Beverage containers of less than 32 ounces must have a refund value of at least five cents and larger containers a refund value of at least ten cents. This requirement applies to non-biodegradable containers of carbonated soft drinks, mineral water, beer and other malt beverages, but not to containers of other alcoholic beverages, dairy products, natural fruit juices or wine. All beverage containers subject to deposit must clearly indicate the refund value on the container.

The deposit is paid by the consumer upon purchase and must be refunded when the consumer returns the empty container to a proper dealer or redemption center, so long as the container does not contain any material different from its normal contents. Dealers and distributors are also subject to the same deposit and refund on the beverage containers they handle, and are also entitled to a handling fee of at least one cent per container.

No containers can be sold in the state if they are joined together by plastic rings or any other device that cannot be broken down by light or bacteria.

The law provides a bottler a reduction in corporate excise tax of one-tenth of one cent for each reusable beverage container which the bottler sells in the first three months of 1983. The law provides for additional unemployment benefits and, if the Legislature appropriates the funds, a job retraining program for employees of bottlers, canners, or manufacturers of beverage containers who lose their jobs as a result of this law.

The law takes effect on January 17, 1983.

1982 - Nantucket County - Question 4Do you approve of a law summarized below, which was approved by the House of Representatives on November 10, 1981 by a vote of 108-49, and by the Senate on November 16, 1981 by a vote of 29-10?

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