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Summary of Question 1

The proposed constitutional amendment would allow the legislature to prohibit or regulate abortions to the extent permitted by the United States Constitution, It would also provide that the state constitution does not require public or private funding of abortions, or the provision of services or facilities for performing abortions, beyond what is required by the United States Constitution, The provisions of this amendment would not apply to abortions required to prevent the death of the mother.

1986 - Nantucket County - Question 1Do you approve of the adoption of an amendment to the Constitution summarized below, which was approved by the General Court in joint sessions of the House of Representatives and the Senate on June 27, 1984 by a vote of 120-67, and on April 30, 1986 by a vote of 123-69?

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Nantucket County Results
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City/Town Ward Pct Blanks Total Votes Cast
County Totals
101 2,141