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Summary of Question 4
ORDERED, That $70,000,000 is hereby appropriated for the additional costs of construction of sewers, sewerage systems and sewage treatment and disposal facilities relative to the remediation of combined sewer overflows, including costs incidental and related thereto; that to raise this appropriation the treasurer, with the approval of the mayor, may borrow $70,000,000, under clause (1) of section 7 and clause (15) of section 8 of chapter 44 and chapter 29C of the General Laws or any other enabling authority, and may issue and sell bonds or notes of the city therefor; that the treasurer, with the approval of the mayor, may borrow all or any portion of this amount from the water pollution abatement trust, established under said chapter 29C and, in connection therewith, the treasurer and the mayor are each authorized to enter into a loan agreement, project regulatory agreement, security agreement and any other agreements with the trust or the department of environmental protection that may be necessary with respect to the loan and with respect to any state or federal aid that may be recoverable for the project and its financing; and that the mayor and city treasurer may file an application with the municipal finance oversight board to qualify, under chapter 44A of the General Laws, any and all bonds of the city issued under this order and may provide such information and execute such documents as the state municipal finance oversight board may require.

2006 - Fall River - Question 4Do you approve of the following loan order which has been adopted by the city council and approved by the mayor?

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4,010 21,738