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Summary of Question 5
Sections 3 to 7 of Chapter 44B of the General Laws of Massachusetts, known as the Community Preservation Act ("CPA"), establish a dedicated funding source to acquire and preserve open space, parks and conservation land, protect public drinking water supplies, and scenic areas, protect farm land and forests from future development, restore and preserve historic properties, and support local affordable housing needs. In Duxbury, the CPA is currently funded by an additional excise of 3% on the annual tax levy on real property, and by annual distributions from the state. The CPA permits the town to lower that rate if accepted by voters. If voting yes to the above ballot question, you are voting to reduce the excise rate from 3% to 1% levied on the annual tax assessment for real property. If voting no, you are voting to keep the assessment calculation the same.

2012 - Duxbury - Question 5Shall the Town of Duxbury reduce the surcharge on real property pursuant to the Community Preservation Act, M.G.L. c. 44B, from three percent (3%) of the real estate tax levy on real property to one percent (1%), as approved by its legislative body (Town Meeting), beginning on July, 1, 2013?

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